Cookies should be kept at room temperature out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.
Decorated Sugar Cookies stay freshest up to three weeks in their heat-sealed bags.
Can I refrigerate my cookies?

The humidity from the refrigerator can make the colors run and ruin the designs.

Can I freeze my cookies?

Yes, decorated sugar cookies can be frozen up to three months.
If your event must be rescheduled (more than 2 weeks), cancelled or you have extra cookies after your event, these cookies freeze very well.

How to freeze decorated sugar cookies

Place the cookies, in their wrappers, into an airtight container and then into the freezer.  When you are ready to enjoy, take the container out of the freezer and place on the counter for no less than two hours to defrost.  DO NOT OPEN CONTAINER until they are back to room temperature to prevent color bleed due to condensation.